New pattern available – Home Sweet Home

I have a new pattern in the shop, and I’m really excited about this one! I’ve wanted to make a “Home Sweet Home” design for a while now. And can I just say I love that this “old-fashioned” sentiment is popular again? This 8-inch hoop is filled with so many[Read more]

Embroidery Tutorial – How To Transfer Embroidery Patterns Onto Fabric With Your Home Printer

Choosing a method to transfer an embroidery pattern onto fabric can be confusing. Different methods serve different purposes, but knowing how to accomplish this with your home printer makes it so simple! Make sure you read through all of these instructions first, and check out the important extra considerations at the bottom[Read more]

Embroidery Tutorial – How To Separate Threads

Welcome to another Lolli & Grace embroidery tutorial! Today I’m going to talk about the correct way to separate threads. This technique is called “stripping.” Sounds a little violent, right? Well, I promise it’s not anything bad. In fact, it’s really sort of cool! So if you’re new to embroidery, here is[Read more]