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I have been doing something creative or crafty all of my life. Whether it is drawing, painting, needlework, jewelry-making, knitting, sewing or dollmaking, the act of MAKING something excites me! For years I worked at a wonderful little craft shop/art store, designing projects and patterns for a variety of fun products, teaching people about the latest trends in crafting, making samples for all types of fun activities and crafts and sharing my knowledge with crafters and artists of all ages. But I also had the privilege of learning about other people’s crafting adventures – what was fun for them, what they learned, how it made them feel. It probably goes without saying that it was my dream job.

Now I am so happy making art for people to enjoy, as well as designing patterns so other people can have just as much fun as I am. I really love breaking down all of the steps, illustrating them with great photos, listing all of the supplies, drawing the patterns – it’s all fun, and so rewarding to see what everyone can create with my designs.

All you have to do is look at my designs to know I LOVE color. I love fun and funky modern design and design from the past or a blend of the two. I collect illustrated children’s books, antique clothing and whatever else strikes my fancy at the time. Let’s just say my house is very, very full. But the good thing is, it’s also full of love and laughter, which is unstintingly provided by my patient and sweet husband and my funny, talented and beautiful daughter. 

Thanks for visiting my blog, and I hope you find something here that inspires you, too!

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  1. Ok, I received my Bluebird of Happiness. I need some information. The design is on a product I do not know how to use. What is it and how do I use it? Sorry for the trouble.
    I have a huge collection of Bluebird Dishes that this is perfect for to decorate with.
    Thank you

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